Headsculpts (3P) - TFSource Article

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Headsculpts (3P) - TFSource Article

Berichtdoor Maz » 09 Aug 2016, 23:45

Last week we discussed some of the finest official Hasbro and Takara Transformers toy headsculpts with the help of fellow collectors. This week we look at some of the standout headsculpts from unofficial 3rd party Transformers toys. While there may not be as much to choose from, and arguably 3P companies often fail to scale the heights official figures do when it comes to headsculpts, some companies really know how to nail a character.

PLEASE keep in mind that only 5 members of the entire global Transformers community have contributed to this article, it is not meant to be a top 5 of the best 3P headsculpts, just 5 people's opinions, a tiny cross section. Just something to read and think about, and hopefully enjoy.

Headsculpts – 3rd Party | Source Blog <- CLICK TO READ


Huge thanks to Jetbolt, Sixo, HQT and Hardreturn for contributions.

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